Beaded Bag: Rose Flower Design in multi colours
BEADED BAGS: Rose Flower Beaded Bag Design
The bags are lined with quality zipper. The handles are artistically beaded adding beauty to the bag. The price is reasonable despite the amount of work done to make the bags very attractive. Suitable  as unique gift item. It can be ordered singly or in multiples.
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Beaded Bag - Triangular shaped "Yewun" Royal design
Beaded Triangular Bags – “Yewun Royal” Design
Triangular shaped "Yewun" Royal Design range of beaded bags are stylish and blend well with both formal and informal dressing. Same way it is suitable and handy, for brief outing or for the office. They come in various colours. Some are multiple colours while it also comes in single colour bead. Durable quality beads are use in handcrafting the bags for a unique and elegant effect.
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