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Beaded Flower Vases – “Uje Classic” Design


Uje Classic Design range of beaded flower vases are well crafted handmade vases using special durable acrylic flowered and wooden beading craft beads. They come in various colours. Some are multiple colours while it also comes in single colour vase. This handcrafted beaded vase is suitable for your room, office, hospitals, restaurant and ideal as gift item.

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Add this to your Home Decor. A beaded flower vase for a change. This can be filled with flowers of your choice to fit your home decor.

Two different flower colour arrangement to create a unique ambiance.

Flowers are purchased separately.

Online instruction on how to make the vase is available at a give away price. You can choose to have tutorial via email or whatsapp. Visit for more on our bead works.


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