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Divine Hexagonal Beaded Mat Design


Add this to your Home Decor. A beaded mat for a change. Red and Black, White and Black, Brown and cream, Purple and lilac and more colours you can order for. Divine Hexagonal design mat is unique and fits into existing home decor. Suitable  as unique gift item. It can be ordered singly or in multiples.

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Divine Hexagonal beaded table mat design are simply divine and so named. They are  handcrafted using round quality beads. They come in various range of colour designs. You can pre orders your favoured colours. They are unique designs of multiple hexagonal shapes. Colour combinations include:

  • Red and Black
  • White and Black
  • Purple and Lilac
  • Brown and cream


Good for dining tables, small tables and more. These handcrafted beaded mats are excellent for your home decor.


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